We offer...

  • A nationwide service 
  • Detailed Risk Assesments and Method Statements-RAMS
  • Site surveys 
  • A Fully Insured service
  • Visual inspection report
  • Consultancy 
  • Access solutions
  • NO subcontracting 
  • Out of hours service
  • Advice on frequency of clean
  • Reassurance - We are SMAS accredited

Without regular cleaning by a specialist solar panel cleaner, your panels will not perform as well as they should, so contact us at your earliest convenience.

Why Choose Solar Panel Cleaning Services Ltd?

At Solar Panel Cleaning Services Ltd, we have years of experience when it comes to cleaning large-scale solar farms, carports, floating solar arrays, complicated commercial roof mounted solar PV systems and intricately designed roof-mounted solar panels. We are professional solar panel cleaners offering our solar panel cleaning services all year round.

By collaborating closely with our clients, we have demonstrated our capacity to meet deadlines, solve problems, and effectively manage health and safety on projects, which all combine to garner an exceptional reputation in the solar sector.

Providing a welcoming service to all of our new and existing clients, our strict ‘no subcontracting policy' ensures all solar panel cleaning is undertaken by us for complete peace of mind. Expect consistent leading cleaning techniques alongside a high-quality, safe and efficient service.


How Often Should I Clean?

Every PV system is unique - and depending on different environmental factors, the frequency of cleaning required will vary. Special attention should be given to panels situated in dustier areas, for example next to a main road, by the sea or near farmland as these solar panels will require more frequent cleaning as the dust build-up will be considerably more noticeable.

In general, residential solar panel systems require an annual clean, while other PV systems may require anything from 6 monthly to annual or biennial cleaning schedules. Agricultural, city and coastal PV systems are often among the dirtiest.

If you aren’t sure how often your solar panels need to be cleaned or maintained - enquire today!







Solar panels on the roof of a building against a backdrop of fields
After and before
Solar panel