See How We Clean Solar Panels

How we clean your solar panels

At Solar Panel Cleaning Services Ltd, we clean both roof and ground mounted solar PV arrays utilising a wide variety of specialist solar panel cleaning equipment to suit your solar PV system needs. Our staff have undergone the necessary training, and each of them holds IPAF licences, allowing them to safely operate specialist-powered access equipment. Especially receptive to your needs, we’ll fully assess the circumstances, and if necessary, a site visit may be carried out by a member of our trained assessment team to establish safe access for cleaning.

Safety is paramount to our operation, precisely why an individual risk assessment and method statement (RAMS) is tailored to each job and completed upon acceptance of your quote. On a technical level, we possess top-of-the-range equipment perfect for cleaning. The purified water housed within our vans can be efficiently pumped along hoses to poles and machines, additionally, all of our specialist solar panel cleaning brushes and equipment are specifically designed to clean solar panels.


Your Consistent And Reliable Solar Panel Cleaning System

Manufacturers don’t recommend the use of harmful chemicals or detergents to clean solar panels. However, they do advise regular solar panel cleaning using purified water, especially before the onset of summer and winter. Manufacturers also state that regular solar panel cleaning will preserve their limited warranty and help to maintain the optimum output performance of the solar panels.

Here at Solar Panel Cleaning Services Ltd, we only use purified water to clean your solar panels, using water that has had the minerals removed using two distinct processes. The first is reverse osmosis, which is then followed by do-ionisation to leave behind purified water.

Where possible we will provide all of our own purified water for the job in hand, alternatively we may hire in stand pipes or utilise water onsite, our portable di-vessels allow us to purify water as we clean. We do not use any harmful and abrasive chemicals or detergents, ensuring our cleaning process is eco-friendly and efficient!


The Dangers Of DIY Cleaning

Even if you’re a confident DIY enthusiast, you should never attempt to clean solar panels yourself without specific and adequate training and equipment. There’s always a genuine risk of damage and inefficient cleaning, but most alarmingly, the possibility of exposure to electric shocks and damage to your solar PV investment.

Always make sure you use professional solar panel cleaners to undertake the cleaning of your solar panels, such as team members from Solar Panel Cleaning Services Ltd who will always be fully trained, have the correct equipment - and be properly insured to carry out the job. As you can see, we have a track record of success.



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