Case study two - Agricultural solar array, Herefordshire

We made a site visit and were able to establish that we could clean Mr Pugh's panels for him safely from the roof. We suggested that the best time to clean the panels would be the following month when the cows had left the barn, because straw was still being sprayed in for the bedding. 

We offered Mr Pugh a reduced rate clean as he was keen to have his panels cleaned regularly by ourselves. We explained that a visual inspection of the panels would be done before any cleaning maintenance was carried out along with a RAMS and we booked him in for the following month.

The clean was completed promptly as scheduled. Visually the panels were in good condition but there was a significant build-up of agricultural dirt causing shading of the modules.

The feedback given was that the panels were now performing much better and that Mr Pugh was another satisfied customer. 

  • Mr Pugh

    "My solar panels were put up over 2 years ago and I was told they didn't need any maintenance. But it was obvious that they were getting dirty because of the farm and were not creating as much power.

    A friend suggested I call solar panel cleaning, as they had used him to clean their farms solar panels. I am glad I did, he was very knowledgeable and suggested I wait until I turn the cattle out before having them cleaned.

    When he came back to clean the solar panels he had all the proper kit and got it done in a day. I am a very happy customer, would recommend the company and will be having my panels cleaned again later in the year."

    Mr Pugh

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