Case study one - Solar Panel Cleaning at BedZED in London

We were contacted by Stellar Solar Installations Ltd to provide the much needed solar panel cleaning service for their clients at BedZED, London. Stellar Solar were carrying out the maintenance on the pv array, so we scheduled the clean to fit in with them at short notice. 

Working from photos and discussions with Stellar Solar, we were able to provide a working time scale and create a unique RAMS (Risk assesment and method statement) Upon arrival a site meeting was held between all parties to discuss RAMS, health and safety, access and the cleaning schedule and requirements.

With the panels being fitted over many high roof-tops, access was only possible via a powered access lift and utilising the man safe system. Strict health and safety protocol, including PPE (proper protective equipment) was crucial to ensure the safety of those working and the general public. 

The maintenance clean was finished safely and efficiently within the estimated time period.

  • Stellar Solar Installations Ltd

    "Solar Panel Cleaning provide us with a professional and reliable service. They are able to offer a wide range of skills and ideas to help us in our bespoke industry. We would recommend SPC for any job, large or small." 

    Nathan Marsh

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