Solar panels increase output by 20% immediately after cleaning.

03 August 2017

On the UK's record breaking solar energy production day, our team were cleaning a 49kw system on a poultry shed in Herefordshire. The output (kw) of the three inverters were monitored throughout the clean.

Before cleaning began, the three inverters were all reading around 2kw. After cleaning the pv modules connected to the first two inverters, we took readings of 3.6kw of the cleaned panels and 2.9kw of the dirty panels. We then finished cleaning the panels connected to the inverter with the lower output kw, then took readings of all three inverters, all around 4.1kw ( the sun being higher in the sky, increasing output by .5kw). This shows an increase of over 20% immediately after cleaning!


Time 11:30 am.

Inverter one    (clean):   3608 w

Inverter two     (clean):   3612 w

Inverter three    (dirty):   2957 w


Time 12:35 pm.


Inverter one    (clean):  4123 w

Inverter two     (clean):  4138 w

Inverter three  (clean):  4085 w