Solar panel cleaning potential in Bristol

15 January 2019

Bristol enjoys approximately 1,885 hours of sunshine every year, making it one of the sunniest cities in the UK.

It is believed that one third of all of the properties in Bristol are suitable for a solar PV installation. That equates to 600 football pitches!

A solar installation mapping survey of Bristol was conducted in partnership with Blom UK & German SUN-AREA, they evaluated the levels of incident solar radiation which hits the City of Bristol. Of the 240,000 properties assessed:

  • 34% were unsuitable
  • 2%   offered reasonable potential
  • 27% offered good potential
  • 34% offered very good potential

If solar PV panels were installed on all suitable rooftops, the potential for generation would amount to approximately 348GWh/yr of electricity, meeting an estimated one quarter of the needs of the city annually.

Bristol's science centre is one of many buildings benefitting from solar installments in the city. With the latest grant funding secured by Bristol City Council it looks set to being a leading UK city when it comes to clean energy. To find out more follow the link below...