solar farm cleaning

11 May 2018

During Spring 2018 we began a large scale cleaning project on a 28.3 MW solar farm site in Gloucestershire.

When visiting the site, solar panels could be seen as far as the eye could see and due to the configuration of the panels when seen on an aerial image, we decided to name the project; 'The Death Star'.

The 100 acre farm consisted of 99 acres being covered in approximately 112,000 solar panels spread over 12 fields. Each panel was carefully hand cleaned using purified water and visually inspected by our superb team of solar panel cleaners.

If each solar panel was laid top to bottom in a straight line, the panels would span an incredible distance of 100 miles!

Despite the initial challenges the weather brought with both freezing temperatures and heavy snowfall, the solar panel cleaners completed the job on schedule and our clients were delighted with the service we had provided.

The team had some well deserved days off and then headed down to South Wales to start cleaning another large scale solar farm.