Rooftop solar panel cleaners in Wales

20 February 2018

Our clients in Newport, Wales contacted us to undertake a complex clean of their solar panels. 

Installed in 2013 on a 6,000 sqm factory roof, this solar array was one of Wales' largest rooftop systems. It is expected to generate 220,000 Kilowatt hours of electricity, saving around 126 tons of CO2 each year and offsetting up to 10% of the factory's annual electricity usage.

Since installation the panels had not been cleaned. The access was awkward and we were required to undertake the cleaning from a 135ft articulated boom. The weather was not on our side. High winds resulted in the cleaning being postponed. However, once safer weather conditions returned, the cleaning resumed.

One broken solar panel was identified and we were able to report this finding to our client.

Eventually the sun did come out, the clean was completed and our clients were really pleased with the results, so much so, we are booked in again for next year.