Oxfordshire schools undergo solar panel cleaning services

15 April 2019

With more than 28 schools now benefitting from solar power across Oxfordshire, we are tasked with the regular maintenance of cleaning these PV systems. We work closely with both our clients and each of the schools to assess the sites for safely completing the planned works. This often means cleaning the solar panels during the school holidays or over the weekends to ensure nminimal disruption on site and the safety of the pupils, staff, cleaning operatives and the general public.

The schools solar panels are part of projects created by Oxford's Low Carbon Hub, whereby schemes give people across Oxfordshire and beyond a chance to invest in various low carbon energy projects in return for an annual guaranteed return on investment.

Over the lifetime of these projects many children will learn of the benefits from solar power. The schools will go on to save thousands of pounds in energy bills and saving many thousands of tonnes of CO2 from being emitted. A real win win situation!