Agricultural solar panel cleaning lichen removal

28 February 2019

Lichen is a composite organism that consists of algae living in a symbiotic relationship with a fungus. Lichen have the potential to flourish in areas where other organisms are not always able to. It is estimated that there are 30,000 different species found worldwide. 

There's far more to lichens than meets the eye; with amzing names like Reindeer Moss and Old Man's Beard, lichens also produce some amazing colours. They've provided us with a source for bright and beautiful dyes and have also been used as components in traditional medicines and perfumes.

As lichens don't have roots, they rely on taking in water and food from the atmosphere around them. Unfortunately for many of our clients, however beautiful lichens may be, the surface of a solar panel can offer a perfect environment for lichen growth. It is an all too familiar sight for us to find lichen growing on the surface of solar panels because a frequent cleaning schedule has not been undertaken. 

Here at Solar Panel Cleaning Services Ltd our company policy is that we clean using only purified water. Therefore, we don't use harmful chemicals or abrasive solutions to remove lichen, we use more purified water, which is complemented by our manual cleaning techniques and specialist solar brushes.

It is vitally important that lichen is removed promptly. This will reduce any potential shading issues and damage which may be caused by permanent staining to the surface of the panels.