2 MW solar pv cleaned for our client over 5 sites in Shropshire, West Midlands

03 August 2017

We recently undertook the large scale solar pv cleaning for our clients on the Shropshire/Herefordshire border. The system totalled approximately 2 MW which was split over 5 different sites. The majority of the panels were ground mounted, however, a quarter of the modules were mounted on the roof tops of several buildings.

We utilised both a scisssor lift and an articulated boom to safely gain access to some of the panels on 2 of the sites. We also highlighted several faulty panels and inverters for our client.

Approximately 11,000 litres of purified water was used to clean the solar panels. The waste water created during the purifying process was welcomed by our garden during this recent spell of hot and dry weather.

It took 2 cleaning operatives a total of 11 days to complete the work, on the roof, ground and also on powered access lifts. Each of the 9,000 (plus) panels were manually cleaned. This ensured not only a thorough clean but also allowing each panel to be visually inspected to a high standard.  The cleaning operatives worked in temperatures that frequently reached above 30 degrees. With no shade and full exposure to the sun, 2 bottles of sun cream were used and 66 litres of water were drank! Staying sun safe and hydrated is a very important part of our health and safety policy.

Check out our little timelapse video on youtube...