See How We Clean Solar Panels

How We Clean Solar Panels

We confidently clean roof and ground mounted solar arrays with ease.  When necessary an on-site survey may be carried out by one of our trained assesment team. This will establish if access to the panels is safe and possible from the ground, or if a cherry picker may be required to complete the clean safely (this will be discussed directly with you) We are then able to offer a provisional quotation.

An individual risk assesment and method statement (RAMS) is tailored to each job and completed upon acceptance of any quote.

Why choose us?

We are one of the UK's first specialist solar panel cleaners to identify the necessity of regularly cleaning solar panels. Meanwhile, many installers were mis-selling modules as maintenance free. It has quickly become apparent that despite solar panels not having any moving parts, the modules, as recommended by manufacturers from the start, do in fact require cleaning and are therefore not entirely maintenance free.

Our team is fully trained, experienced and insured to clean solar panels. We take health and safety very seriously and aim to clean safely from the ground wherever and whenever possible, utilising relevant PPE (proper protective equipment). We are of course trained and experienced in working safely at heights and are also carriers of the IPAF licence. This allows us to offer you complete peace of mind when choosing Solar Panel Cleaning Services Ltd to deliver to you, a safe and professional cleaning service.

Purified Water

Manufacturers DO NOT recommend the use of harmful chemicals or detergents to clean solar modules. However, they do advise solar panels to be cleaned regularly using purified water, especially before the onset of summer and winter. Manufacturers also state that regular cleaning will preserve their limited warranty and help to maintain the optimum output performance of the solar panels.

The harshness of untreated water will leave marks behind containing mineral deposits, especially in hard water areas. Untreated water marks can actually attract dirt as well as being an inefficient cleaning process.

We use a purified water-fed pole system to clean all solar panels. This essentially means that all minerals have been removed from the water using two processes. Firstly reverse osmosis, this is then followed by de-ionisation, leaving 100% purified water.

We provide all of the water needed on site for the job in hand. If large quantities of water are needed, we will advise you on this during the site visit.

We have NO need for harmful and abrasive chemicals or detergents, therefore offer an Eco-Friendly cleaning process. This is delivered to you both safely and efficiently with excellent results and ensures you are getting the very most out of your investment.

Can I clean them myself?

NEVER attempt to clean solar panels yourself.

There is always a risk of damage and inefficient cleaning, but most importantly, a risk of electric shock.

It is advisable to use a professional solar panel cleaner to clean your panels as they will be fully trained, have the correct equipment and be insured.